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Here's the master list of all of my Luke/Noah (Nuke, ATWT), Luke/Reid (LuRe, ATWT), and Kurt/Blaine (Klaine, Glee) fics to date, in the order they were posted (not necessarily written). If you like any of these, please don't hesitate to leave a review. You don't need an account with fanfiction.net to leave a review there, and/or you can leave one on the comm itself or here. I love feedback! :-)

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O Captain, my Captain...America

I keep having dreams about Steve Rogers. And I totally blame/love Tumblr for this.

First I had a dream in which he was my adopted brother and my family was petrified to let me out of his sight. I guess they thought I needed a bodyguard for some reason. I don't know why they had to adopt him for that, but oh well. Not complaining. He was tall and sweet and I think I could live with being his little sis. :P

Then I had a dream in which he was helping out our local farmers, but he could only do it naked. Haha. Yep. Can you tell this is my dream? God bless America. Naked farming, now there's a new one!

And just last night I had a dream in which our town had this one neighbor that we all loved - he was sweet and wonderful, always had people over, gave to charities, took care of the town. One night he invited a bunch of people over for a party, and as they were distracted (by partying, :P), he pulled me aside and stabbed a needle into my arm. Apparently he was some kind of secret scientist and wanted to test something out on me. It was then that I knew he was evil, totally up to no good. The next day I tried telling everyone, namely Thor and Steve, what had happened. (Why am I friends with The Avengers?) Nobody believed me, Steve included. They just couldn't think of our neighbor this way. I still had the needle sticking into my arm, even! But alas, everyone thought I was just being crazy and I woke up before the dream reached any sort of conclusion. Why, Steve, why? You were my brother from another mother, why didn't you believe me? :P

Oh well. At least I get to see Chris Evans in my dreams. :) My wacky brain, I tell ya!
*cue Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York*

I am most definitely in shock over this week's episode of Glee. We got so much freaking Klaine my head (and heart) almost exploded, and you know what else? I actually cared about every. single. character on the show!

Shit. I can't remember the last time I cared about seeing every single second of this show.

I don't know how Artie's going to manage, and I'm worried about his future in NYC. I'm gonna say it flat out: it's really not a place for people with disabilities like Artie's. Walking is the name of the game in that city. I'm really glad the show addressed this hardship and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it goes. There are elevators in buildings and even elevators that lead down into the subways, but not everywhere. It's going to be really tough for him, but he's most likely used to that. I really hope things work out. Now that he has Rachel as a travel buddy, I think he'll be okay.

And I loved their antics together! Singing on the subway, spraying the thief with mace...I loved it ALLLLL.

Though I'm really over Rachel. She's lost her sweetness and all the crap about being a star really just annoyed me. Shut up. Go back to being the sweet Rachel you were in high school.

Anyway, glad Sam is now booking modeling jobs. Chord really could be a model. Was he at one point in time? He should be. You could grate cheese on those abs. Yum. And thanks be to God for the short hair again!


I would have liked a better Blam montage, though, when they went out to sing together. Blaine says he wants to show Sam how much stuff there is to do in the city, but they didn't really do anything except dance around with random people. It would have been cool to see them skipping through some museums or through Central Park or even just shoe shopping or something. Maybe getting tickets to a Broadway show or something of that nature. There really is a shit-ton of stuff to do in NYC; they would have no shortage of entertainment on any random afternoon.

And Klaine. I'm not sure I can even talk about them. I've gone into shock with how much of them we actually got to see, and what we got to see seriously fried my brain. Cuddling in bed together? Blaine making pancakes for Kurt as a surprise? Brushing teeth together, picking out clothes, grocery shopping, Kurt climbing on top of Blaine on the couch? Blaine being a silly idiot and crowding the hell out of Kurt? Their fighting? Don't get me started on their fighting. I actually enjoyed it. I thought it was great how they were both honest and just letting the other one have it. Then Blaine's total freakout on Elliott turning into the best freaking scene I think Blaine's ever had? Then Klaine talking on the couch and being super honest and Kurt telling Blaine he's precious to him and then that sweet lovely kiss and thEN BLAINE BASICALLY SUCKING ON KURT'S NECK AND KURT'S EYES ALL FLUTTERY AND HE'S SO BREATHLESS HE CAN HARDLY SPEAK AND THEN HE DRAGS BLAINE OFF TO HAVE HOT MAKEUP SEX?!?!?! I mean?!?! I just?!?! I?! HELP!!!

If you couldn't tell, I'm still not over it. I don't think I'll ever be over it. I love my OTP so freaking much!!! They'll always belong to each other.

I also actually understand where they're coming from, living-situation wise. I also think it's a smart idea. They were apart for so long that I think they need a little space to grow back into the couple they used to be. I don't want them to live apart for a long time, mind you, but I do understand their decision to for now. I think the little absences will soon make them see how much they want to be back together again, every second of every day. Crossing my fingers that the writers will do this justice.

Also, Elliott better be back for next season. I'm really sad there's not going to be any more of him for this season. Adam is amazing and awesome and I love him to bits. Baby come back!

Finally caught up!

I finally finished watching all three seasons of Teen Wolf! The best part is that it's actually only two and a half seasons so far, because the third continues in January - 12 more eps! Woot!

I haven't devoured a series this quickly since I was in high school and stayed up for days marathon-ing shows. Felt good to go back to my roots. :)

Here's my fatigue-addled thoughts on the show "finale" (I wrote this last night to my very good friend mudblood_oddity, who has listened to me rant, cry, and fangirl over this show since the beginning):

Jennifer and the Nemeton and Peter Hale OH MY!Collapse )


I got the bite.

Started watching Teen Wolf on a whim this past week, and now I am ADDICTED. I'm already one episode into the second season.

I didn't expect to love this series as much as I do. I ship Scott and Allison HARDCORE. They are so sweet and cute with each other. And Stiles is just about the best thing on two legs, and I love his relationship with his dad.

I'm loving Derek, but I'm questioning him right now. I mean, he just saved Scott's ass from being sliced in half by Gerard, but...I'm still wondering what his deal is. Guess I will have to keep watching to find out! :D

And Jackson. LOL. Loser. :P

Nuke Attack! (Yay!)

So a couple days ago, a gifset on my Tumblr dash led me to some vids about Sonny and Will from Days of Our Lives, and I ended up watching some bits and pieces with them (namely, the parts where Will and Sonny were out on the island and Will gets shot and Gabi gives birth with Sonny's help, and then the whole hospital thing after, where Will gets to meet his daughter for the first time). Will and Sonny are adorable and I'll probably go back to watch more, but watching a super sweet couple on a daytime drama led me right back to where I began: Nuke.

For the first time in about three years, I spent most of my night last night re-watching Nuke vids. I went back to their first Christmas at the farm and then hopped over to the scene with them with Ameera in Noah's truck (the whole street fight thing, and Noah in the hospital bed after), and then I jumped to the crazy Z-Twins and the whole ordeal of Noah being shot. I also watched the very end of the show, skipping over the actual scenes with Reid's death (I still have absolutely no desire to re-watch those clips), going straight to the scene with Luke and Noah at Java, when Luke basically tells him to get his ass on a plane and get out to L.A. pronto.

I have to say, I forgot how absolutely adorable and sweet and wonderful Luke and Noah were. By the end of the show, I was so blinded (forgive the pun) by my anger towards how Noah handled his accident that I really hadn't wanted to go back to watch them. But I guess I forgive Noah for all that (it is just a soap after all :P), because I really really enjoyed going back and being nostalgic and remembering how disgustingly cute they were together. They really were such a sweet couple.

Also, I didn't appreciate their goodbye at WOAK as much as I should have. I mean, I probably wasn't ready for it when it happened, considering my emotional state at the time. But re-watching it last night, it is actually so good. They started and ended in the same place, and Noah was such a sweetheart about everything. I discussed it briefly with Honey last night and I realized that if I went along with canon - that is, Reid dying (which I can't get myself to totally go with still, even three years later) - then I would be totally satisfied with Luke going out to L.A. in the future to be with Noah. After all they've been through, how much they've learned and grown from and with each other, I really think that they would make it this time. They could finally be happy with each other wherever they were and with whatever they were doing. Noah would take care of Luke. And they would easily fall right back into being in love.

That's not to say that I don't still love Luke and Reid. I absolutely do, and I would have loved to see them grow as a couple if the show had not ended. But I think I have finally reached the point where I can say I actually do love both couples equally. Truly, genuinely, I do love both couples equally, and I can jump back and forth between them and feel satisfied and happy no matter what. I feel very settled with that. :)

Also, watching other soaps really solidifies (for me), how great our actors were. I know I'm biased, and I don't mean to take a shot at other soaps, but man...our actors blow them out of the water. The main cast of ATWT was just out of this world when it came to acting ability. Everything, no matter how ridiculous, always felt so real because of them. It's really amazing how many wonderful actors were on this show. I miss watching the show every day so very much, now more than ever.

Anyway, didn't mean to get all nostalgic on you (except, y'know, I totally did :P). I'm so very happy that I got to experience everything with this show and you guys, my friends. I wouldn't have traded all of this for anything in the world.


Jul. 14th, 2013

Cory Monteith has passed away.

Rest in peace, Cory. I will miss you so much.

He was such a sweetheart and such a funny guy.

Parents, and guns, and zombies, oh my!

I swear, I should make horror movies. I'm a big ol' scaredy cat who purposely stays away from them, but sometimes my brain just aligns with them so well. (I also happen to think that the people who get freaked out the most from horror movies should definitely make them, because we'd come up with some freaky shit! :P)

So, I had this terribly disturbing and awkwardly weird dream this morning, but it actually turns out, this dream was awesome. Creepy, but awesome.

So I'm in my house. My parents are asleep in the next room. I wake up (in the dream, that is) and I realize that I have a gun in my hand. Confused, I walk out of my room, only to see my house absolutely teeming with people. Overcrowded to the point of ridiculousness. And hey, all these people have guns too. Crap. Unfortunately, I realize this too late, and I'm shot multiple times in the shoulder before I can even do anything. I make it back to my room and slam the door shut, but now that everyone knows I'm awake, they're after me. They're slamming into my door, running in and taking shots at me, and I'm defending myself as best I can. I notice that when I shoot people, it doesn't seem to hurt them much (honestly, I've got a couple bullet holes in my shoulder and neck, and apart from bleeding, I'm doing just fine), but I keep it up anyway, shooting whoever comes in before they can shoot me. Finally, the assault comes to a lull, and with a horrible shock I remember that my parents are asleep in the next room, totally clueless as to what's going on. I run from my room and burst into theirs to make sure they're okay. Fortunately, they are. They're both still in bed, under the covers, and as I open my mouth to say something to my mom, I hear the door whack open behind me. I know automatically that it's someone who's come to shoot us all. Before I can react, though, my mom pulls a gun out from under the covers and takes this person out. I'm beyond relieved, but I'm also wounded and tired.

As I'm looking into the mirror in my parents' room, checking my wounds (nice red blood dripping from my neck, yeah), I notice that the house has become totally quiet. Weird quiet. So I step out of the room into the hall, and there's this girl (no idea who she was), standing stock still in the center of the hallway. I have enough room to move around her, so I do so, but I realize as I'm passing her that something is totally wrong. I don't know what it is, but there's something completely off with this girl. I turn around to watch her and suddenly she crouches down and opens her mouth. Slowly, a hand starts to emerge from between her lips...a gray, wrinkly, decrepit hand, attached to a gray, wrinkly, decrepit arm, and it's edging itself ever so slowly out of her mouth. It's then that I realize that the bullets in these guns aren't regular bullets. They're not meant to kill - at least, not in the traditional way. The bullets are made out of some kind of metal that eats away the human parts of you, and the more bullet holes you have, the greater chance of you becoming...you guessed it! A zombie. I'm standing in the middle of my hallway watching this once human girl slowly give birth to herself (via her mouth) in zombie form.

And that's where I woke up, for real. :)

Like I said, horribly disturbing, but actually kinda cool. It wasn't the type of dream where you wake up in cold sweats feeling scared and wanting to climb under your covers till the sun rises. I woke up feeling empowered, like I had been the only one to actually understand what was going on with everyone. I still don't know why we were all trying to zombify each other, but it felt instinctual in the dream, protect yourself or be killed. I do have to admit that I'm glad I woke up before the full zombie appeared. I might have had to hide under the covers then! :P

I have a weird brain. Maybe I should look into scripting horror movies someday soon.



So remember how GleekoutBR is awesome and tell us stuff and we like them?

Today, one of the mods tweeted that Kurt dialogue from the finale was cut, and it was dialogue about him STILL LOVING BLAINE.

In the tiny fraction of a scene with Santana and Kurt watching Regionals in the audience and wiping their eyes, apparently Santana said something to Kurt and Kurt said something about still loving Blaine.

ARRRGHGHGHHGHGGHGHASLSKDJHDFHFDFDFS. Why did they cut this?! Instead we sat through ten hours of Emma crying about Will scraping gum off her shoe (which, admittedly, I found to be really cute) when we could have been squeeing over Kurt's own Blackbird moment.


Here are the tweets (from Giovanna Parise, one of the mods, who's given us good stuff this whole season):

"And if some of u still have doubts that Kurt loves Blaine, u just shouldnt. They cut a quote about that on the finale, he does loves Blaine."


"Btw its not a new klaine scene. Its that kurtana scene in the audience, crying. They cut the mini dialogue."


"She sure does RT @santanasbritt: @GiParise did santana say anything to kurt".


Can they release this moment like they did the Box Scene?




Kurt: “Why am I so nervous?”
Santana: “Because you still love him, you dope.”

Tell me how much better that simple little line would have made the finale!!!!! AGGGGHHHHHHHH!


Love You
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