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You're babbling again...

now is not the time to be bonking Damian!
16 June
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What this journal was:
G and Honey are two nerdy sisters who enjoy the hell out of a long-running soap opera called "As The World Turns". Since our e-mail accounts were suffering under the weight of our conversations regarding the show, we decided to create a journal completely dedicated to AsTheWorldTurns!squee. Our main interest is Luke/Noah, but we love the show in its entirety, so expect a lot of conversation on anything that goes on the air. We also post our fanfiction, and will gladly pimp out anyone else's, as well as anyone's music videos.

Interesting trivia about us:
--We're seven years apart.
--We've both studied Japanese and we are both HUGE U2 fans.
--Our nicknames are based on very stupid in-jokes.
--G has a crush on Luke and Reid, and loves Noah too.
--Honey has a crush on Rosanna's hair. And possibly Rosanna herself.
--Our second favorite pairing on the show is Casey/Alison.
--We both write fanfic, though differently: G writes descriptive one-shots in the first person, and Honey writes minimalist multi-chaps in the third person.

What this journal is now:
Honey has vacated this journal and now it's just G here. :) I'm a huge LuRe and Nuke fan. I love Van, Jake, and Eric equally and am excited to see where each of their careers go. :) I also sometimes ramble about my own personal experiences/life. :P

Currently I'm completely swept up in Klaine (Kurt/Blaine from Glee) and I'm pretty much insatiable when it comes to them. Feel free to chat or comment on anything any time! :D


Master post of fics written by G is here.